Saturday, January 4, 2014

Come Along With Me.........

Our eldest daughter, a RN, joined Rodan + Fields in June, 2013. Honestly, I only half-listened when she tried to tell me about it. I had other things "on my plate" - I wasn't interested, knew nothing about it, had no time for it, you know the drill.

Gale is very outgoing, and she isn't pushy, so she didn't try to flood me with information about her new venture. Ever so often, she would say, "Whitney (her upline and another RN) thinks you would be great at this."  Still, I resisted or really just smiled and ignored!
One night, she left to go to a presentation, but didn't invite me to go with her. Later, she dropped by our house and was actually bubbling (more so than usual) over her new business opportunity. This time, it was her dad that she talked to. After listening to what she had to say, he turned to me and said "I think you'd better get on board with this while you can!" I was amazed. This, coming from a man that usually thinks something like this is "pie in the sky." I still didn't jump on board.
Finally, on October 21, after a little over 4 months I agreed to go to a presentation with her. That night, I listened to a young woman (age 21) tell her story. She told how she had "come home" (retired) and had retired her hubby after not too many months in R + F. That night, I enrolled.
I came home to a very supportive husband. We had been married over 50 years and shortly after our 50th Anniversary - just a little over 3 years ago - he was diagnosed with an incurable form of cancer. He is pretty-much home bound and most of the time he feels bad and is in pain, but he's still interested in what's going on in this new business opportunity. I use the Rodan + Fields Soothe Regimen on his Chemo damaged skin. He asks questions, and he's interested when I have a prospect.
He's sure this is going to be a success for me, and he hopes he can be here to celebrate with me when it happens. (And so do I!!) There are so many success stories, so many people who have been able to give up full-time jobs and stay home. So many people making more money than they've ever made, in their lives. Do I want to be in that league? You bet I do. Am I going to? Of course, I am!!
 ..... the best is yet to be!!