Thursday, January 28, 2016

One Step Further.......

On Thursday mornings, I bag up the week's garbage, and Precious and I take it to the road for the good men (yes, they are convicts but they're still "good men") to pick up.
When I say "Precious, let's go take out the garbage," that little Pomeranian that looks a lot like a little teddy bear (she's so cute) comes running...just as if she knows what I'm talking about.
While I'm bagging, she's dancing around...and usually barking (everything that happens is accompanied by a "bark"). I load the bag, or two, into the trunk of the car, and Precious knows to position herself by the back car door. I lift her in and we head down the long driveway, to the road.
Precious puts her feet up and stands so she can look out the window. I stop, on the road, put the garbage out and when I start back to the car, I notice that she's moved to the other window so she can watch me.
I get back in the car.......watching carefully as the "going to work" traffic often flies by on my country road. Sometimes, I just make a quick circle, driving into the grass to turn around and sometimes, I take Precious for a short ride....turning around at the Jehovah's Witness church down the road.
We get back to the house, and I pull under the carport and up to the back door. She jumps out, and if she doesn't have to potty, she runs up the back steps, ahead of me. And she looks up at the Hoosier cabinet (where I keep their treats) and she barks. After all, she took out the garbage....shouldn't she get a treat?
This morning was no different.....I bagged, she danced and barked, I took it to the car, she danced and barked (she's afraid I won't let her go). I loaded the garbage into the trunk and put her into the back seat, and to the end of the driveway, we went. I looked up and down the road and saw NO GARBAGE in front of my neighbor's houses. Had I missed it, already? Couldn't be. It was just a little past 8:00 a.m.
I unloaded the two bags, at the end of the driveway, as she ran from side to side on the back seat. I decided to drive thru the neighborhood (no, it isn't like a's a long country road) to see if anyone had their garbage out.
I finally found a couple of houses with bags of garbage, out front. So, my neighbors either had none or were late, like me. By this time, Precious had begun to whine and bark.....she's no "car rider" (maybe she really belongs to daughter Gale.....she doesn't like riding in a car, either).
We got back home, and I saw bags of garbage had been placed out front of my nearest neighbor's house. Whew!! Precious and I went into the house...and she barked, really loud, for a treat. I had made her take the garbage out, and go for a cold (it's 33 degrees) ride, too!
As I sat, in front of the warm fireplace, I wondered why I couldn't take this one step further. She understood "taking the garbage out".......why couldn't she just learn to do it!!
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