Sunday, May 10, 2015

You can't go home..........

This morning, I drank my coffee on the porch among the ferns, on the beautiful day set aside to honor mothers. (And, like most mornings, I had to visit the microwave a couple of times. I’m such a poor excuse for a coffee drinker!)  My little red throated hummer flitted about, sipping nectar out of the feeder. Ever so often, it would make a quick visit to the petunia blossoms and just as quickly would hurry away, as if to say....."I really don't care for those."

The resident squirrel ran head first down the old water oak. I think it must be "yard smart”, for it quickly looks around before scampering across the expanse of yard to another tree.  

I can see, by the pot holes in my yard (yards have pot holes?) that we were visited by an armadillo or maybe an army of armadillos, last night.  I can just imagine a contingent of armadillos, marching across my yard, stopping ever so often to dig another hole!!

Behind me, the blooms on the magnolia tree that we planted about 10 years ago have begun to open and greet this beautiful day. There will be hundreds of beautiful white blossoms, soon. And, in the backyard, “Bob’s magnolia tree”…..a gift from our neighborhood, when he passed away, will soon be in bloom. I can see it, from my kitchen window…another reminder of my honey, among the hundreds of reminders that exist, in the house that he built for us.

As I sat, I heard the hum of a bumble bee, apparently just waking to greet the day and search for food. It headed toward the blooms of the bougainvillea as a mosquito circled my head. It was too early in the day for mosquitoes!!

The light breeze stirred the leaves on the trees and caused the ferns to spin, on their hangers. Precious gave chase to the bee that buzzed around her head and woke her from her nap, in the sun. Little black Bella just lay there, with her eyes half closed as she watched Precious, as if to say “stupid dog, you can’t catch that bee!”

Church and then lunch with my son-in-law, granddaughter, her honey, and a favorite cousin, and now I’m sitting on my porch, again. The plants have all been given a drink, and I can enjoy the rest of this day. The day began, on this porch, with a cup of coffee, and the day is ending, on this porch, with a glass of wine. (I’m a much better wine drinker!)

I sit and look across my driveway at the old house where first my granny lived and then my parents lived, after her death. Little did I know, as a teenager spending summers and weekends there…..and as an adult visiting my parents that I would, one day, be just across the drive…..on my own porch.

And they say you can’t go home……….
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