Monday, April 26, 2010

Duct Tape, A Broken Dryer Vent Hose, and Me..... April 26, 2010

At this house, all maintenance (malfunctions, something breaks, etc.) is done by Mr. Maintenance, otherwise known as my honey/hubby. This afternoon, it all started when I dropped something behind the dryer, in the laundry room. I had to move the upright freezer to get to the little plastic lid (shoulda' left it there.) In so doing, I began to see dryer lint all over the floor and wall behind my appliances. (Could I just shove everything back into place and forget I'd seen this mess?) There, in full view, was the culprit; the dryer vent hose was broken, and the lint was coming inside rather than going out the vent.

I went to the shop and told Mr. Maintenance my story. He turned, without a word, and went into his store room, and returned with a roll of duct tape which he handed to me. I took it, and said "I'm probably going to need help." His response was "You can do this!" Who was this man that had invaded my honey's body? It sure looked like him, but the Bob Gorrell that I knew would never trust me to fix anything! That was HIS job.

After thoroughly cleaning floor, walls, and the back of every appliance; it was now time to be Miss Fix-It. Dryer vent hose in three pieces in one hand, and duct tape in the other - I was ready. After taping, struggling, uttering a few choice words, and a "Dear God, why did you let me get into this?", I got it together. Now, was the time to attach one end to the dryer and the other end to the vent. Right then, I knew why God had made me a woman instead of a man. I wasn't coordinated enough to put stuff together if it didn't consist of flour, sugar and eggs!

Finally, either the Good Lord felt sorry for me or I held my tongue just right; because suddenly it all fit back together! Very carefully, I moved everything back into place. I knew, from now on the dryer couldn't be moved, or duct tape and I would become fast friends. When I suggested to Mr. Maintenance that the dryer should not be moved, he said "You've been moving the dryer?" Right then, I knew I had earned the title of "One who broke dryer vent hose."

One thing for sure; the man either has fever, or he's been smelling too many paint fumes. What else would have given him the idea that I could fix anything? Tell you what; I'm just going to put a bucket under that leak under the kitchen sink, and I'm keeping my mouth shut!
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