Thursday, August 13, 2015

Perseid Meteor Shower ......not

I was awake until 3:30 this morning, in an attempt to see the Perseid Meteor Shower. Based on friend Carolyn Arender's statement, I should have gotten out of bed and gone back outside. I'm so glad someone saw it and corroborated the theory that there was going to be one. I made several trips outside to view this heavenly display, and I saw about 5 in about 5 hours! (It wasn't a shower, it wasn't even a trickle!)
As I was standing on my back deck, looking to the Northeast (as directed), I wondered "why do I need a chair?" One of the television stations had suggested a comfy chair, a blanket, some snacks, and bug spray. (I had none of that.) Standing there, looking toward the Northeastern sky, I was bothered by a tall tree in my line of vision (or so I thought.) Precious decided, about this time, that it was time for a potty break. I took my flashlight and followed her out into the yard, and looking up I realized this was where I needed to be. About that time, quick as a flash, sorta' up above my head and not too terribly high above the tree line.....not falling from sky to ground, like a falling star, but horizontal like a plane was there and it was gone. This explained why my cousin Teresa, in Iowa, had mentioned they "heard a sound, like a whoosh, not loud but audible." I had wondered "how, in the world, can one hear a sound from that far away?" (like the falling star) It wasn't that far away, and it was UP.....facing north and facing east, but UP. Now, the crick in my neck was explaining why they had suggested a comfortable chair!
I also understood the need for a light blanket, or jacket. The air had cooled off, considerably. It was really quite pleasant. The quiet of the country night was only interrupted by the sounds coming from the Georgia Pacific plant ...... meaning that the breeze was blowing from that direction. Occasionally, the Lab in the outside pen, next door, would bark to let me know he was still guarding things. It had gotten cool enough that other "creatures of the night" were beginning to stir.
There's a small branch (brook) that runs in the gully behind my house. It has very little water and flows into Okohay (Cohay) Creek - about a mile down the road. I suddenly heard some type of cat - not a kitty cat - a much larger cat, calling from the water. It was enough to get all the dogs to barking, and it was enough to get this "Meteor viewer" headed back indoors.....for awhile, anyway. NASA's website had stated the time for viewing was 9 p.m. - 1 a.m., and the television station had stated 3 a.m. - 5 a.m. Could I stay up that long? Why yes, of course I could, and I had been known to do so. So then, if I was still awake at 3:30, why didn't I get up....just one more time....and go look? It wasn't about the "cat on the branch"....I had long forgotten that, and it had probably moved on. I made a prediction (when I didn't get up), in those early morning hours. I thought, "tomorrow morning, I'm going to be disappointed that I didn't get up and go look." I'm such a psychic....that prediction was right, I am disappointed......especially since I've heard how magnificent it was!
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