Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Women Behind The Men.....

The political campaigns this election season are coming close to making a mockery of electing the next person that will lead our great country. Does it really matter that one candidate gets a spray tan and another has makeup applied before going on stage? Does that have an impact on our economy, or global warming or crime?
I was having a difficult time “liking” anyone, and I began to wonder about the women behind these men. One of these wives will be our next ‘First Lady’ (unless Hillary wins)….and then…..maybe former Pres Clinton will be our ‘First Man?’
I decided to do some "investigative reporting".....and find out what I could about the "other half." The order in which these are presented is in no way indicative of which one I prefer. (I just know who I don't like.)
Bernie Sanders, soon to be 75, has been married twice. His wife would be “First Lady Jane.” She’s 9 years his junior, has her Ph.D. and was a College President. Jane has been on the campaign trail with Bernie, fills in for staff, and is an adviser to him. It has been suggested that she compares to Eleanor Roosevelt.
Donald Trump’s third wife, Slovenian-born Melania is 24 years his junior. She’s a jewelry designer and former model, and she would be the second foreign-born first lady. The first was Louisa Adams, the English-born wife of John Quincy Adams, back in 1825. Melania encourages "The Donald" to try and be "Presidential."
Ted Cruz has been accompanied on the campaign trail by wife Heidi. With a degree from Harvard, she’s a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs Investment Firm (where she has taken a leave-of-absence to help Ted campaign.) She worked in the George W. Bush White House. She’s a very outspoken member of his team and it is sometimes thought that she might be more of a liability than an asset. Iowa is a favorite state of mine, and after reading how she felt about Iowa.....well you can do your own may just be a rumor.
Marco Rubio’s wife, Jeanette, was a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader for one season. She’s more of an introvert and would much prefer to focus on their family and their four children. She has no college degree and her claim to fame apparently is her poor driving record. She has received 13 traffic violations in the past 17 years. (Far be it from me to comment on that....I'm no stranger to traffic tickets.)
John Kasich's second wife, Karen, is 12 years his junior. She was a business executive before retiring to stay home and raise their twin daughters who are now 16. It says a lot for Mr. Kasich that his first wife, to whom he was married for 5 years, still campaigns for him.
If Hillary Clinton is elected President….would former President Bill Clinton be the “First Man?” Normally, it’s the First Lady who decides on the next set of China, Silver, and Crystal. Would that be his responsibility? Would he be planning State Dinners? So many questions.
It’s a given. With the election of a new President, we get a new First Lady……unless we get a First Man! I think Marco Rubio might receive the biggest benefit. Jeanette would have a driver and he wouldn’t have to pay any more fines!
Whoever wins the Big House, let’s hope that our next First Lady has the class of Nancy Reagan, the grace of Barbara Bush, the poise, and elegance of Jackie Kennedy is as soft-spoken as Rosalynn Carter and as "First Lady-Like" as Laura Bush. If we have a "First Man"......well, that would just be a first!
It often takes the woman, behind the man, to put our best foot forward!
(Again, the placement order has nothing to do with preference.)
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