Monday, May 1, 2017

Probed and Investigated

There are so many Telemarketers these days....I don't usually answer the phone if the number doesn't look familiar. However, having said son-in-law is in Alabama for a meeting and this was an Alabama number I did.
I KNEW it was a Telemarketer as soon as I said "Hello"...because there was a delay.
After a couple of "hellos" (I shoulda' hung up), he said..."May I speak to Sarah Gorrell"...and I said...."What is this about?"
He said...."This is a Probe and an Investigation."
"Well"....thought I....."this could be good. It might even be the makings for a story or even some good gossip...depending on who the Probe and Investigation is about."
And, if it 'twas about me...I certainly wanted to know why I was being Investigated...and no darned body is going to "Probe" me without my knowledge.
So, I says...."How can I help you?"
And, this foreign voice says...."we notice you won a prize and we noticed that you are just now claiming it"
Now, I know how people in Alabama sound (just like me). I know they've had immigrants flood their southern state...but I just doubted one was doing a "Probe and Investigation" on me and I doubted I'd won a prize....'cause I knew I wasn't trying to claim anything!
I hung up.  I'm so glad I finally learned how to block numbers on this Smart Phone!!!
Happy to report...I'm not being "probed."
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