Sunday, May 22, 2011

                         Welcome to my front porch!

Come, and sit, and visit with me in my favorite place; my front porch! Let's talk about things both old, and new.

We'll listen as the wind brushes the tops of the tall pines. In the spring and summer, we'll watch the hummingbirds, and in the fall as the leaves drift slowly to the ground; we'll watch the squirrels as they rush about gathering acorns. If we're lucky, a deer or turkey may wander through the yard. Somewhere, in the distance, a whippoorwill calls out. The songs of the cicadas, in the woods by the house, will help to stir our memories of long ago. In the winter, we won't always be able to sit on the porch; but we can see it from the living room as we sit beside the fire - waiting for the first hint of spring, so that we can get back outside!

Come and sit, and let's talk, laugh, and reminisce. Along the way, we'll remember a recipe, or a tip that we like. We'll dig through old photographs, and maybe find a few to share.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing a part of your day with me!
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